Introduction - This is my humble homepage. It is mostly just a collection of links. For more details, see the links below, and thanks for dropping by!


Fry's Home Electronics
Altex Electronics


I stopped brewing my own beer in 2008. After I moved to Georgetown, I never could get it right again. discussion board
Austin Homebrew Supply
St. Patrick's of Texas Homebrew Supply
The Flying Saucer


The Ring Lord
Brad's Maille Emporium
The Armour Archive
The Arador Armour Library

Family and Friends

My wife PJ
The incorrigible, Jeff Gillam
The incomparable, Dawn Gillam
Some Klingon Friends


BOfH archives.
The XFree86 Project, Inc.
XWinMan, X-Window Managers
RedHat, Linux distributor
X-CD-Roast, CD-Writer Software
CDRecord, CD-Writer Software
Rouge AntiSpyware listings


Georgetown Weather.
Texas General Land Office, where I work.
Wim's BIOS Page (Great!)
2019: Off-World (Blade Runner)
junk email filter